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Look at these prices!!!!

PIANO STORE MOVING! ADAMSPIANO.COM is MOVING fro 592 Route 299, Highland, NY, to 215 Main Street, New Paltz, NY, on March 15th 2015. MUST SACRIFICE 60 PIANOS! We'd rather sell some pianos at a loss than have to move all our inventory! ADAM:845-978-2235(Please dial area code even if you're calling from 845! Thanks!)
Dear Adam, My whole family would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the piano that you have sent us. The kids have not stopped playing with it since it arrived. My 7 yo has been playing the tunes that he knows, and has also been composing his own songs :) He sits in front of the piano with a piece of paper in his lap and writes down the notes. My 4 yo is sitting next to him and doodling on her paper…waiting for her turn at the piano. What a blessing this is for us, thank you again! Gratefully, ...........

Our Current Inventory

[ Enlarge ]
  Altenburg console $1400
lovely mahogany cabinet, excellent condition.

[ Enlarge ]
  Baldwin M light walnut $2500
Restrung, new hammers, just regulated, lovely piano.

[ Enlarge ]
  Baldwin M mahogany $4000
Beautiful piano, pretty case, ivory keys, wonderful value!

[ Enlarge ]
  Hallet Davis studio $1800
mahogany, excellent condition.

[ Enlarge ]
  Kawai GM-10K 5' baby grand, used, $6800
2 years old, like new, balance manufacturer's warranty.

[ Enlarge ]
  Kawai KG-2 5'10 grand $6000
White. Beautiful. Like new.

[ Enlarge ]
  KAWAI RX-2 $9,500
5'10",polished mahogany, 9 years old, very good condition in and out!

[ Enlarge ]
  Kawai RX-2 grand satin ebony $10,000
Beautiful condition, gorgeous piano!

[ Enlarge ]
  Kawai RX-7 7'6" grand $21,000
Like new. Call or write for details.

[ Enlarge ]
  Knabe baby grand $3000
walnut, 1979, very good condition!

[ Enlarge ]
  Knight studio upright $2500
Very pretty British-made piano!

[ Enlarge ]
  Many beginner pianos!
Our workshop is filled with consoles and studios priced from $300 to $1200. Too many to list here.

[ Enlarge ]
  Mason & Hamlin 50" upright $1200
Solid, plays well.

[ Enlarge ]
  Mason & Hamlin console $1600
1954, adorable, plays well.

[ Enlarge ]
  Petrof 5'8" Fr. Prov walnut $10,000
Petrof 5'8" walnut $8000!

[ Enlarge ]
  Petrof 5'8" walnut $8000!
Beautiful, traditional leg(we have a Fr. Prov. as well).

[ Enlarge ]
  Samick 5'1" baby grand $3200
Very good condition!

[ Enlarge ]
  Samick 5'7" grand $4000
Just serviced, beautiful piano!

[ Enlarge ]
  Samick console, mahogany, $1400
Like new inside, not so new outside. Nice little piano.

[ Enlarge ]
  Weber studio $1500
Very good condition, nice sound and action.

[ Enlarge ]
  Wurlitzer console $800
walnut, very good condition. Lovely piano!

[ Enlarge ]
  Wurlitzer Fr. leg console $750
Excellent studio piano in pretty/funky cabinet!

[ Enlarge ]
  Young Chang 5'3" baby grand $3500
satin ebony, very warm sound, lovely instrument!

[ Enlarge ]
  Samick console, ebony, $900
Nice little piano in funky-looking cabinet. A great student piano, cheap!

[ Enlarge ]
  Free food.
Hungry in Hudson Valley? Write to us. We'll bring you a care package of non-perishable items. It's not much, and resources are limited, but it's free, and we'll bring it to you.

[ Enlarge ]
  Kawai 506 upright, 2 years old, excellent, $3000
Like new! 8 year warranty!

[ Enlarge ]
  Yamaha spinet $895
Cute! One of the nicest spinets, sound-wise.

[ Enlarge ]
  Hardman Console $500
Excellent choice for student.

[ Enlarge ]
  Altenburg studio $1600
Mahogany, pretty, vg playing condition

[ Enlarge ]
  Schafer & Sons white console $1200
Very nice console in very good condition!

[ Enlarge ]
  Many NEW Kawai pianos in stock!
Large selection of new and used Kawai, Yamaha, and other brands!

[ Enlarge ]
  Kawai 506 console, mahogany, used, $2700!
Beautiful condition, only 2 years old!

[ Enlarge ]
  Baldwin cherry console $1200
Nice console in pretty cabinet with a few dings.

[ Enlarge ]
  Petrof console
ebony, near-perfect, like new.

[ Enlarge ]
  Hyundai studio $1600
Surprisingly nice, funky, bright, great piano for the money!

[ Enlarge ]
  Fischer baby grand, white/gold, $1800
This is a really nice piano in a very unusual case!

[ Enlarge ]
  Kohler & Campbell console $1600
Oak, like new!

Charlie Miller
"Hi Adam, Thanks so much for this wonderful instrument, now an integral part of my life."
-Charlie Miller
[ Visit Charlie Miller's Web Site ]

Jeremy Manasia
"Thanks so much for your generous deal on the Kawai. It has completely changed my life in the few weeks I have had it here. Musicians that I have known and played with for years have been commenting that I am sounding exceptionally good these days... And I attribute it to the instrument in my house now. Thanks!"
-Jeremy Manasia
[ Visit Jeremy Manasia's Web Site ]

Hal Gaper
"Dear Adam, thanks so much for hosting my "Special Project Trio" at Adam's Space. It was the best night of our tour and the Kawai played like butter."
-Hal Galper
[ Visit Hal Galper's Web Site ]

Jean-Michel Pilc
"Thank you, Adam, for the wonderful Kawai RX-7 piano I played at the ADAM'SPACE concert. I look forward to my next performance at ADAM'SPACE."
-Jean-Michel Pilc
[ Visit Jean-Michel Pilc Web Site ]

John Ballantyne playing piano.
"Thank you for the wonderful Kawai RX-7 piano you provided for the ADAM'SPACE concert. The piano was beautifully prepared! I look forward to my upcoming recital at ADAM'SPACE."
-Jon Ballantyne
[ Visit Jon Ballantyne's Web Site ]

John Abercrombie playing piano.
"Thanks very much for the beautiful Kawai RX-2 Grand
which I know I'll enjoy for many years to come!"
-John Abercrombie
[ Visit John Abercrombie's Web Site ]

"Thanks to New and Used Pianos of NY, NJ & CT for the beautiful, perfectly tuned Kawai piano - we'll be doing business again!"
-Bill Mays, Jazz Pianist
[ Visit Bill Mays' Web Site ]

"Dear Adam, Thanks for keeping my pianos in such perfect shape."
-Andre Previn
[ Visit Andre Previn's Web Site ]

"Thanks, Adam, we're really enjoying the piano we purchased from you!"
-Frank Kimbrough
[ Visit Frank Kimbrough's Web Site ]

"Thanks for the wonderful Kawai piano, perfectly tuned and voiced as always!"
-Richard Kimball, Jazz Pianist, Recording Artist
-Composer: "Grow Old with Me"; PBS Documentary

"Thanks so much for your help with The Piano Book. I hope your customers appreciate the wealth of knowledge and experience you bring to your work."
-Larry Fine,
Author of The Piano Book

[ Visit Larry Fine's Web Site ]

The owner (Adam) with bassist Tom Richardson playing at Troutbeck Resort.
[ Visit Troutbeck Resort ]

"Thanks to ADAM'S PIANO for providing One Station Plaza with a Kawai Grand Piano that all players have been raving about. It's the best investment we ever made!!"
-Dave Finucane,
Owner of One Station Plaza

[ Visit One Station Plaza ]

"Thanks to ADAM'S PIANO for the Kawai RX-3 I played at the Kingston Jazz Festival. I love Kawai's ultra-responsive action. It feels great. That's why I own a Kawai."
-Michael Weiss,
Jazz Pianist

[ Visit Michael Weiss' Web Site ]

"Adam, thanks very much for the wonderful Kawai grand piano which helped make the Wall Street Jazz Festival such a success!!"
-Peggy Stern,
Jazz Pianist/Composer

[ Visit Peggy Stern's Web Site ]

"Thanks very much for the beautiful Kawai baby grand, and your exceptional tuning and voicing!"
-Lew Scott, bass player for Inner Door, Lainie Kazan, Melba Moore

"Thanks, Adam, for the wonderful Kawai concert grand you provided for my ADAM'SPACE concert!"
-Armen Donelian
[ Visit Armen's Web Site ]

"Thank you for having my quartet play at ADAM'SPACE. Wonderful, beautifully prepared Kawai piano! Can't wait to come back again!!"
-Jeff Siegel
[ Visit Jeff's Web Site ]

The owner, Adam, performing at a recent concert, with his jazz trio.

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